Man is she built . . .

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Southwestern Seminary President Paige Patterson spoke at Hope Church in Las Vegas, NV, on January 26, 2014, as part of that church’s AWAKEN 2014 conference. In his sermon, he spoke about a 16 year-old girl, described her as “built,” and made comments that could be interpreted as chauvinistic.  Even worse, they sound terribly similar to the kinds of things Roy Moore used to say about young teenage girls. Listen for yourself:

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  1. This is fine. There’s nothing wrong in what he says in this clip. In many cultures 16 year olds get married, but in America, men are supposed to simply turn off their eyes. Did he notice that she was attractive? Yes. He stopped at that, and it was important to the story, as it provided context for what came next: the boys’ comments about her. And his quip at the end about it being biblical was clearly tongue-in-cheek. If this offends you, you need to grow up and stop looking for things to offend you.

    1. Whether this offends me or not is irrelevant. But the objectification of women is wrong, and any mature person should combat it whenever possible.
      Of course a young man could be attracted to a young woman, but there needs to be respect in how he expresses that attraction. For this so-called “man of God” to encourage such objectification is immature, wrong, and creepy. Whatever “Biblical” point he made next is rendered moot by his inappropriate quip.

      1. “Objectification of women is wrong” – this clear PC gone ‘wrong’. I agree with the original poster, nothing offensive was said. What we have here is liberal ‘thought control’ – that is all.

      2. What would “the man of God” say if a couple girls instead of guys were standing there with their mom and a “built” guy walked by and one looked at the other and said, “Man is he built!” Probably would’ve tried to rip her tongue out. If it worked both ways it would be fine, but of course if it worked both ways we wouldn’t have the culture we have.

      3. I don’t agree that this is objectification in a reasonable sense. Objectification refers to discounting anything but a woman’s appearance not positively describing her appearance. There was no indication that they were putting her down intellectually or in any other way

      4. Liberal thought control huh? As opposed to Alt-Right thought control; the right are much better at it. All thought control is wrong.
        This isn’t thought control, it’s showing respect.
        Besides, I’m not a liberal.

        This is a perfect example of objectification. Calling her attractive might pass for describing her appearance.

        Calling her “built” IS objectification. People aren’t built, objects are built. Bad theology doesn’t excuse disrespectful and demeaning behavior.

    2. Eagle, if an adult man was objectifying my daughter like that I’d put him in the hospital..pastor or not.

      Just because he claims that title does not mean he isn’t a God damn pedophile.

      1. or better yet, – we should all stop associating with people like you and yours. M

    3. Trump will get what’s coming to him….that will happen….then these people….like this fat sex pest and his fellow anti Christs will tumble. Vile.

    4. He did not say she was attractive or lovely or cute or pretty. He said she was built, similar to “stacked” or smoking hot. His choice of words refer to her being a sex object. I’m grown up and know the difference. He was expressing his lust for her versus love for another human being.

      1. Sorry it’s not only not offensive but if he wasn’t a preacher it wouldn’t even be an issue. It was a compliment on her body which he found highly attractive I believe we’ll built men are characterized like this as well

    5. ? Who does this contribute to edification and maturing of the Christian believer in the congregation in their walk with Christ. Would he repeat this comment face to face with GOD. I think he forgot about the term omnipresent?

  2. A mature adult should not repeat gratuitously the words of a teenager. Rather than provide better understanding of the vocabulary term with his illustration, he detracts from his own point. He easily could use other ways to help his audience understand the word.

    By interfering with the Mother’s correction of the son, he undercuts her and he affirms to the boys that it is ok for them to objectify girls. (After all, they’re just red-blooded healthy young men!)

    In telling the illustration he seems to revel in conflict, to belittle the woman speaking to him, and to derive vicarious pleasure through the boys ogling and comments.

    While perhaps not “sinful” in the sense of lust, he is inappropriate in such speech as a leader and in using it in a sermon.

    1. Well said! Not to mention the leering and lip-smacking as he recalls the story… absolutely disgusting

    1. You don’t care. That’s your problem. That’s why you have a liar and sex pest in the Whitehouse. Embarrassing and destroying America…one day at a time.

  3. Can anyone tell me what he is saying at the beginning of that clip?
    It sounds something like “Valubin”. He seems to be claiming that it’s a Biblical Hebrew word for “beautifully and artistically constructed”, which is translated into English as “make” or “made”.

    I don’t know of a Hebrew word like this. I’ve tried all the usual Bible translation tools online and in my library, but come up with nothing. I am just an amateur at this, so I’m probably missing something obvious.

    Can anyone throw some light on this for me?


    1. If anyone is interested, I have found the answer to my question.
      The Hebrew word is…
      Which is a conjugation of…
      Which means…
      to build.

      This pervert’s whole sermon is based on a false premise.

      Hardly surprising. :-/

  4. He does not say the girl is built. He is quoting what the 16 year old said. However I do agree it is inappropriate.

    1. He doesn’t just quote the young man, he also enables him in his misogyny. At the same time he crushes the young man’s mother’s attempt at installing some Godliness in her son.
      Paige Patterson has committed his own personal sin three times!
      This is so much worse than simply quoting a naive teenage lad’s expletive. This has revealed this pervert for what he is. Paige Patterson is clearly an evil man.

    2. Actually that is exactly his point that calling a girl built is what the biblical term vayiven means. (Yes I am an expert on ancient Hebrew no that is not at all what vayiven means).

  5. As the father of two young girls, I find this disturbing. I understand his point, but he crosses the line with his borderline lascivious comment. Simply saying “an attractive young lady” would have been plenty. If I heard him speak about my daughter in such a way, it absolutely would result in at least a verbal confrontation.

  6. By the way, it’s not like these are isolated incidents. Patterson has a long history of inappropriate behavior that’s been conveniently hushed over by SBC leadership. I’m not sure how much of the Bible Mr. Patterson actually believes but he is learning the truth about deeds done in the dark will be exposed to the light. Just glad to see it is happening while he is still breathing.

  7. Patterson’s view of women is right here for all to see – from his mocking, dismissive response to the woman who was giving him ‘what for’ to his objectifying of the female teen and her ‘built’ body. She is not to be heard, taken seriously, or respected. She is only designed for his “artistic” pleasure.

    1. Yes, he was politely listening to the woman criticize whatever he had said–perhaps in a dismissive stance. What exactly was she criticizing? You do not know. He “took his punishment.”

      I have not seen anyone address the child abuse of this woman, violently striking her son. A young boy is not be heard or validated of his feelings, or respected. He is only to be struck, designed for her fits of violent rage.

      And, yes, the teenage son said this, not Patterson.

      Now, this controversy started from Patterson asking wives to pray for their “abusive husbands.” This has some very troubling implications; nevertheless, this is what *I* did when my wife struck me. I am still reeling from the damage, 17 years later. Unfortunately, we live in a hypocritical society wherein violence against men is ok.

  8. The same Apostle Paul who commends the submission of wives to husbands commands Timothy to “[t]reat younger men as brothers, older women as mothers, and younger women as sisters, with absolute purity.” The desire for beautiful womanhood is a good thing and this attack on the Southern Baptist Church is just the most recent front in the ongoing campaign to demonize heterosexual white Christian men. Note: It’s OK for men to engage in unspeakable acts with each other; to adopt affected modes of speech and grotesque, vaudevillian effeminate hand gestures. It’s only “lusting” for a beautiful girl that’s out of bounds. This man’s lecherous manner is abominable and he has invited this attack, but I refuse to be bullied for the fact that I loved Marilyn Monroe on sight.

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