Baptist Blogger will return for 2014 Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention

283568_10100136555284003_4071397_nThis Tuesday and Wednesday, the Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention will take place in Baltimore just 40 miles away from my home in Washington, D.C. For the remainder of the convention, I’ve re-opened by blog to reflect on the way the convention has changed, the way I have changed, and perhaps offer some perspective that will keep messengers and convention-watchers a little more intrigued about the various politicized machinations that make the SBC what it is Today.

I’ve just had a wonderful dinner at Capital Grille with Wade Burleson and one of his church members, and we’ll rendezvous again tomorrow morning to enjoy some of the pastors conference.  I will be back Tuesday afternoon and evening, and Wednesday.

Looking forward to seeing some old friends and a few hostile fundamentalists here and there.  I mainly intend to use my smart phone and capture images that tell the true story of what goes on behind the curtains at the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.


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