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Last year, Paige Patterson censored Dwight McKissic for expressing views that were critical of the IMB Board of Trustees.  In his statement,  Patterson recognized the dilemma for one Southern Baptist agency to criticize another.

Early in Patterson’s tenure at SEBTS, however, a very interesting event occurred.  The SEBTS booth distributed a pamphlet compiled six years earlier by Patterson that was critical of sister SBC agencies and executives.  Soon after this event, Patterson fired his Public Relations Director, who now serves with the International Mission Board.  Today, I found this article:

Pamphlet for Patterson criticizes prominent Baptist leaders
Daniel Cattau, Religion Editor of The Dallas Morning News
Published: June 16, 1993

HOUSTON — Controversy seems to find Paige Patterson whether he’s looking for it or not.

A Southern Baptist Convention booth promoting his North Carolina seminary featured a pamphlet he wrote accusing several prominent Baptist leaders — including fellow seminary presidents — of being “neo-orthodox’ and “neo-liberal.’ Dr. Patterson, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C., defined orthodox as accepting “full inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible.’ He defined neo-orthodox or neo-liberal as “rejects inerrancy completely.’

The former president of Criswell College in Dallas apologized Tuesday for the 6-year-old pamphlet.

“I did not authorize its use and deeply regret that it has been distributed,’ he said in a brief statement.

Dr. Russell H. Dilday, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth and one of those named, accepted the apology. But the “damage is already done,’ he said.

“The document distributed by Dr. Patterson is an unfortunate repetition of the strategy he used in earlier years — spreading inaccurate and unfounded accusations to lure confused messengers into his political camp,’ Dr. Dilday said.

2 thoughts on “More archives…

  1. Last semester, I read about this pamphlet (same one, I think) but never found it.

    But from what I’ve read, Patterson accuses T.B. Maston of being a liberal. This was odd considering (for the most part) Maston stayed on the sidelines during the Controversy and rarely spoke ill of a fellow Southern Baptist. Nonetheless, Patterson saw fit to paint the very conservative, 80 year old Maston as a liberal.

  2. I have a copy of the paper in my office in Taiwan. On it he lists the attributes of a neo-conservative, moderate and liberal in different columns and then gives a list of names that have some of those attributes but doesn’t say which ones. Most of the other seminary presidents were included. It makes it impossible for anyone on the list to defend themselves because you are never sure what exactly you are being charged with doing. This is typical of the way he Pressler, Mohler, Roger Moran and other leaders of the psuedo-conservative resugence use labels to attack others without being accounatabile for their claims. I find it strange that SBC Outpost was criticized because they criticized entity heads but this is exactly the tactic that was used by these men. Where were Rainer, Dockery and others when this was happening?

    W.A. Criswell called T.B. Matson a heretic in the 50s because he supported integration. Matson didn’t speak ill of others but I heard him say that he was disappointed that some of his former students supported the resurgence which he considered dishonest.

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