As we at Baptist Blogger approach the mid-year mark, we decided to come up with ten resolutions to carry us through December 31, 2007. We call them Blogolutions, and they are as follows:

1. We will fast from reading anything published on Baptist Press for two solid weeks. After the intial detox, we will fast weekly on Mondays and Fridays and any other day that has headlined photographs of half-naked men and transgendered persons.

2. We will not blog on Saturdays or Sundays for any reason whatsoever.

3. We will blog at least once every week about something praiseworthy in the Southern Baptist Convention.

4. We will not blog about the 2008 Presidential Election cycle, neither Southern Baptist nor American.

5. We will stop using plural pronouns as frequently when referring to ourself.

6. We will only use the word hell when speaking about a place, and we will only use damned when speaking about those who live there. When necessary, we will use “Fort Worth” as a synonym for the former and “fundamentalist” for the latter. (Example: You can tell all those fundamentalist fundamentalists to go to Fort Worth for all I care.)

7. We will conduct and publish at least one interview per month with a completely unknown pastor or layperson whose ministry is worthy of recognition.

8. We will fight the urge to publish more than one YouTube video per week. We will never publish more than two.

9. We will fast from all blogging, blogperusing, and blogcommenting on Sundays.

10. We will finally send those gifts we’ve planned to the editorial staff of the Florida Baptist Witness and the SBTexan.