5 thoughts on “New homemaker degree off to a start…

  1. I didn’t believe that Southwestern was actually going ahead with this program until my wife found the course guide on their website. What a joke, its just a way to take money from poor little girls for a useless undergraduate degree, they could learn the same thing by spending a summer with their grandmothers. Except for maybe the clothes making class, I mean who make their own clothes anymore? Anyway, great post, I’d been laughing about this idea among friends since the convention, but you hit the nail on the head.

  2. So, will the editors at Baptist Blogger have their hidden cameras planted for the first day of “Orientation to Homemaking”? I’d pay money to hear an overview of the syllabus. Who will be teaching “Nutrition” and “Meal Preparation”? Is it Madam Stovall? Or will it be the queen of Pee-Can Manor herself?

  3. My question is about who is teaching the classes – according to the Website, only men teach in Humanities. But then women cannot teach the classes because they would not be staying at home if they did!

  4. Wow! What a bunch of judgmental jerks! What if these “poor little girls” that you speak of don’t have grandmothers still with them? A lot of people are less fortuate than you obviously silver spoon-fed, incosiderate, idiots.

    And to answer your “who makes their own clothes anymore” question. People who don’t make enough money to buy clothes, that’s who. People who don’t have the luxury of sitting infront of their computer leaving “funny” comments and making “jokes” so they could reread them and be the only one to find themselves witty. *cough*cough*jdantzlerw*

    And if a woman WANTS to take a course to learn how to do things at home better, then who are you to say it’s ridiculous. Funny how you’d pay money to hear an overview of the syllabus, yet paying to learn how to cook home-made healthy meals in hopes of helping to control the obese epidemic is a waste of money? Perhaps you should enroll in a money-management course?

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