Half-million and counting…

We at Baptist Blogger will reach a milestone today. The current count of site visits — as of the time of this post — is 499,719. Before noon, we should pass the half-million mark since the current counter started on October 17, 2006.

We would like to extend our sincerest appreciation to the faculty, staff, and administration of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, who have collectively been our most faithful readers. We would also like to thank Wade Burleson, Marty Duren, Art Rogers, and Sam Hodges, who have routinely contributed the greatest number of site visits with links to our blog and/or specific posts.

Furthermore, we express our sincere thanks to Bart Barber for taking it on the chin, Malcolm Yarnell for getting the jokes, Brad Reynolds for using words loosely, Robin Foster for the grammatical challenges, Tim Rogers for never turning the other cheek, Peter Lumpkins for the hemmorhoids, and Jeremy Green for the not so fresh feeling.

A few additional words of appreciation are appropriate. Thanks to Karen Scott for her steadfast prayers, Jodi Chapman for her occasional but stern reprimands, Pamela Blume for the timeliness of her encouragement, Dorcas Hawker for her loyal advocacy, Kathleen Nelson for the love that covereth multitudes of sins, Jasmine Stevenson for cutting out all the news articles, Vera McKissic for tolerating the phonecalls, Rochelle Burleson for her sense of humor, Joni Hannigan for the free advertising, and the First Lady for not having us assassinated.

Tomorrow we will post several apologies. Today is for champagne and brie. Tomorrow is for wormwood and gall.