Morris Chapman, unplugged…

We at Baptist Blogger make no bones about the fact that Morris Chapman and Danny Akin are our favorite denominational executives. We also make no bones about the fact that we have observed that Texans serve as a majority block of entity presidents. Chuck Kelley, Paige Patterson, Jeff Iorg, Morris Chapman, Jerry Rankin, Phil Roberts, Danny Akin, and Richard Land are all native or adopted Texans.

We think that is nice.

Oh, go read Morris Chapman’s latest blog about the BFM Statement. And in case Jim Smith stops by this little blog of ours, we provide the following disclaimer:

We at Baptist Blogger claim neither authorial nor editorial participation in the aforementioned blog post.

(HT: Art Rogers)

7 thoughts on “Morris Chapman, unplugged…

  1. Ben, respectfully, I would dispute Rankin being an adopted Texan. Attending SWBTS and pastoring a church during those years would not stake a claim to him being Texan. Texans would dispute that. He’s Mississippi-born and raised and always returned to Mississippi during furloughs from the mission field.

  2. Mr. Brandt:

    The matter of adoption into the Lone Star State is not a matter of one’s individual choosing. We at Baptist Blogger have adopted Jerry Rankin as a Texan. Thus it shall be.


  3. Ever heard “That’s Right, You’re Not From Texas” by Lyle Lovett? Pretty funny. (DISCLAMER: I do NOT listen to country music…I was scanning XM radio and heard it.) If it gives me any credibility, I gave birth to a Texan 32 years ago today! (Seminary baby! Happy Birthday JB)

  4. Of course, Texans have nothing on Alaskans who refer to leaving Alaska as going “Outside” with a capital O. Where are you going? Doesn’t matter–it ain’t Alaska.

  5. I am a Texan born and bred. Everything in Texas will sting you,stick you or bite you. There are some imposters out there who want to be Texans. I was listening to a flavor of the month, hot shot preacher from NAMB one day at one of our semianries and he was bragging about being from New York City and hating country music. After he finished I went to him and said, “I just want you to know Iam from Texas nd I love country music and the reason we Texans talk like we do is because we have been to New York, Chicago, Detroit and San Farancisco and we just want people to know we are not from any of those places.

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