Klouda presses on…

Without commentary, I am supplying a copy of the latest filing in the case of Sheri Klouda vs. Paige Patterson, SWBTS, et al. Readers will notice that a sexual discrimination cause has been added, as well as tightened language regarding the principal liability of Leighton Paige Patterson. We also understand that the United States District Court issued a subpoena for Paige Patterson on June 15, 2007. A copy of the subpoena is forthcoming.

8 thoughts on “Klouda presses on…

  1. Ben

    It probably does not matter to her case, but she was not the only woman employed by SWBTs in the theology dept – Karen Bullock was also fired because she is a woman. In addition, lies were told about Dr bullock and her support of BFM 2000.

  2. Ben, In the past week you’ve made comments about how much you hate Patterson, how much you dislike Malcolm Yarnell and how you think it’s wrong to be a patriotic American. How is any of your ranting bringing glory to God?

  3. Based on evidence that has been released to date……Southwestern needs to do the right thing……pay the woman and terminate Patterson.

  4. I wonder if Dr. Klouda is even willing to settle the case at this point?
    She has a good argument for showing that the school’s action was pretextual. From here, it looks like the complaint will survive the summary judgment motion and actually go to trial. Additionally, it looks like she might even be able to prove malice, opening up punitive damages which will start at around 50k.
    Interesting case.

  5. Mike Sack:

    What blogs are you reading? BSC has never said he hates Paige Patterson or that he dislikes Malcolm Yarnell. To the contrary, he loves and respects Dr. Patterson, and has commented many times how he and Malcolm enjoy bantering back and forth as they do. The method to his madness is that he is trying to bring understanding to a great man who has become delusional.

    I hope your reading of the Scriptures aren’t that convoluted.

  6. Mike, I was in a prayer group with Ben and heard him pray for all our seminary professors. He named each of them and included in that list was Dr. Page Patterson and his family.
    You know not what you speak.

  7. Jim Champion wrote: “Karen Bullock was also fired …”

    Actually, Sheri Klouda was not fired. She left to take another position after learning she wouldn’t get tenure.

  8. Gunny

    Dr Bullock left for the same reason – they were both for all intents and purposes fired.

    Bullock and Klouda were both on the faculty of the school of theology at the same time. the only real difference in the two is that Bullock was never under any illusion that she would be retained, Klouda thought that she would be treated differently. What Bullock didnt deserve were the lies that were told about her by other professors and administrators.

    Neither were treated fairly, both were excellent professors that deserved to stay. Both are excellent scholars and outstanding in the classroom.

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