Bob Roberts on the Collaborative Program…

The pastor of the growing Northwood Church in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and author of the book Glocalization, Bob Roberts, has posted a prospective and provocative agenda for the future of the Southern Baptist Convention, and in particular the Cooperative Program.

Check it out here.

The money quote:

The old paradigm of pray, give, and some go must change – and it is changing with new and younger pastors across the country – and as the early 20’s come into leadership it will change even more because they are more global and hands on than any generation we’ve ever seen. This is good not bad for us – it insures we’ll have a narrative and leaders – if we allow them to play ball. People want to be a part of an exciting story. It has to be their story – it can’t be someone Else’s story of someone who lived a hundred years ago, or who is doing it now. They want their hands dirty – they long to be hero’s and we should as “religious” leaders use all we can to make them the heroes, not us. But, if they can’t because the funding issue prevents them from being involved because they have to give x % to the denomination, or they give the money but their members can’t be involved, – what is left for them to give. The CP has become very expensive for local churches wanting to do missional things. It comes to feel like a tax, I don’t think we’ll ever see a Baptist tea party – I do think young pastors will just quietly ease out in favor of playing ball with other networks and groups that allow and even encourage local churches to engage aggressively.

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