News Flash…Malcolm Yarnell plagiarizes Bart Barber…

If you haven’t been over to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith website — hosted here — and had a chance to read Torquemada’s … er, Malcolm Yarnell’s open criticism of Lifeway Christian Resources, then you will probably want to download the .pdf file.

Baptist Blogger readers may remember that this critique was originally published on Bart Barber’s blog several days ago and almost simultaneous to the report itself, leaving many to question whether or not Yarnell had received an advance copy of the report from his boss.

Nevertheless, our crack team of investigative reporters has discovered that the original .pdf document, now so prominently displayed on Yarnell’s little blog-of-sorts, includes an imbedded file name. That file name, we have discovered, is Barber.pdf.

We at Baptist Blogger are curious. Who exactly wrote the piece published on Barber’s blog and later on Yarnell’s? Was it Barber or Yarnell? Both names are on the file, and we can discern few changes, if any, between the two documents.

Of course, we’ve sent this tip over to Jim Smith at the Florida Baptist Witness for more extensive coverage…

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