From me to Paige, with love…

Last year, we at Baptist Blogger found the perfect song to kick our shouts out to the Fundamentalist Führer of the SBC, the Red Bishop of Ft. Worth, and the man we affectionaly refer to as “The Leprechaun King.

Along the way — with the help of our brother blogger Micah Fries — we put this little music video together.

And then there was this song, dedicated to the president of Southwestern Seminary when he first discovered about the Sheri Klouda lawsuit.

This month we’ve outdone ourselves by finding another little video clip, and we really think Paige will get the message from this one even though it’s not the Charlie Daniels Band, Johnny Cash, or David Allan Coe. And hoping not to offend the brethren with a more tender conscience, we went with the live performance below rather than the original video with all its images of death and that macabre phantom mask thing or Lil’ Kim’s latest remix even though we at Baptist Blogger think Lil Kim is hot like fire since she got outta the Philly prison last July!!!

So here it is: Our latest song…From me to Paige, with love…

10 thoughts on “From me to Paige, with love…

  1. So what exactly did Paige Patterson do to you, Ben? Push you off the merry-go-round? Hog all the swings? Not pick you for his team??

    Seriously, where does the hate come from?

  2. Bart:

    You really hit the nail on this one. Excellent post. Perhaps your best one ever!!! Thanks and God bless…

    Ann Seely

    PS You are still a big jerk and a bully – just in case you had forgotten that I think so.

  3. DANG Ben – why you gotta go prove my point like that?


    PS – You think Little Kim is HOT? You have more problems that I originally thought…

  4. The year is 2027. The place is Last Days Rest Home on beautiful Lake Logan-Martin, Estaboga, Alabama. An old man sits in a rocking chair looking at an old photo of three very fat and happy looking alligators. Four old grey haired men sit at a table not too far away playing cards and glancing from time to time in the direction of the old man in the rocking chair. They shake their heads and think of bettter days. Occasionally one will say to the other three: “Do you guys remember back when…….thus and thus? The other three chuckle and say something similar in return.

    A newly hired orderly, not too far away, questioned the administrator of the rest home: “Who are those old guys?” The administrator stared away for a moment, then he answered. “Those four playing cards come about every other day and visit the old white headed guy in the rocking chair. They are; Art Rogers, Wade Burleson, Villa Rica and Marty Duren. The one in the rocking chair is cb scott.”

    “What’s the deal?” the orderly asked. “Just before the SBC in San Antonio, cb’s best friend went missing. His name was Ben Cole. cb searched everywhere for him. He did so for years. He never found him.”

    “Why does cb sit and stare at the photo of the three gators all the time?” After another moment of silence the administrator answered; “Those three alligators lived at the Fort Worth Zoo. It seems that right after Ben Cole went missing cb discovered that the gators had gained some weight. They also got sick and one threw up the buckle of an old leather briefcase very much like the one Ben Cole carried which was stuffed with secret files. The police did not investigate. Nothing was ever proven relating the gators to the vanishing of Ben Cole.”

    “So those guys visit cb to comfort him because he lost his friend?” “Yeah, and because every Christmas cb gives all four of them a brand new pair of alligator hide shoes.”

  5. Ben,

    Cameron’s question is one I have wondered myself. Would you care to respond as to where this personal hatred towards Dr. Patterson comes from? Byron

  6. Okay maybe my 1st post in here did not work. What I said before is that I think you have some weird love to hate relationship with DR. Patterson. (Yes that is pretty evident to all) But we should take in all seriousness your honest search for truth and justice for the SBC and for those churches and people that make it up. Yeah right!

  7. you’re blogs are AWESOME! I’ve been reading WB for sometime now, and just recently have begun to venture into spots he lists. Of course, your’s has quickly become my 2nd favorite…sorry WB still holds #1…not that that matters to you, I’m sure. BUT HONESTLY you make me laugh and cry over matters that seem to be de-railing us as a convention, but more importantly as Kingdom builders!!
    If some of those guys that you mention could come to the Big Rice bowl and walk among these lost children of the Father, they’d realize their petty selfish as what it is….SIN!!!
    And while I’m at it, let me really cut my own throat and say that without my PPL, I’d be lost in the intense sprtual sturggle that we face every day here!! And to make a ‘rule’ against the use of PPL is an offensive to the HS that’s gonna be judged. Not that PPL is for everyone! But to insult HIM in this way…?!?!?!? How can this happen!?!?

    I’d better shut up! THANKS BEN!!

  8. I am just curious Ben if you have ever talked to Dr. Patterson personally. I agree with much of what you write but find your attitude is in conflict with Matthew 18. Others criticize Dr. Patterson without personal attacks on his character. There is much valid criticism to be made but the personal nature of your attacks distracts away from some valid criticism you make. We must never forget that we are Christians.

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