2 thoughts on “You call this compromise???

  1. Uh, Mr. Cole, quit confusin us.

    This, uh, meeting, is not, uh, about the gospel.

    For heaven’s sake, it’s the dedication of a, uh, library.

    Ignore the gigantic cross out front, it means nothing. It’s to let in the, uh, light! That’s it! The cross is simply for beauty and looks.

    Sir, I know you is smart, But don’t try to usin that their logic of yours to fool us. Why, for heaven’s sake, Jimmy Carter ain’t praying, he’s tyin his shoe! He don’t know how to pray. He don’t even believe in Jesus. Bill Clinton, heck, he’s daydreaming about the number of votes he can git for that ther wife of his in Charlotte. And for heaven’s sake, Bush Sr. is a dang Episcopalin. Just cause he wept when he spoke of Billy and just cause he’s hangin around him don’t mean he likes him. It’s all show and attempt to get the mic. To be a tru blu Baptist you must speak like us, and George Sr. don’t even know the sinner’s prayer.

    Whose compromisin who in this photo? I ain’t sure any of em even believe the gospel but Billy, and even his gospel ain’t the whole truth. To try comparin that ther meetin today amongst those four men, three of whom are Southern Baptist, to what may be happenin in Atlanta next year is simply a smokescreen.

    I ain’t fooled.

    Billy’s the one compromised by agreein to meet with them their pagan presidents and don’t you forget it.

    Uh, wait, uh, I jus thunk of a somethin. . .

    Did Billy invite those boys or did those boys invite Billy?

    Billy did? What in heaven’s tarnation is we comin to?

  2. Billy Carter invited them?

    Maybe if we photoshop ourselves into that photo things would change.

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