So far this year, only three candidates have been announced for the Southern Baptist Convention. We at Baptist Blogger are prepared to endorse two of the candidates. Our choices are printed in bold, and we understand there is a chance that every election will be contested:

SBC President:
Frank Page


Bill Britt
Eric Redmond

Recording Secretary
John Yeats

Registration Secretary
Jim Wells

3 thoughts on “Candidates…

  1. Brother Ben,

    Are you not going to vote for John Yeats or Jim Wells?

    Or, will you be the one that steps up to state an opposition that we elect them by acclamation?



  2. Being in agreement with some of the conservative efforts in the SBC, while reading this blog I found myself thinking, “man, this guy is really wrapped up in the politics of it all.” Odd, that most on here feel those on the conservative side are the political hounds. I wouldn’t be to quick to assume that opposition to resolutions and candidates qualifies an individual as apolitical. For example, what is wrong with a statement against gluttony? Why is the author of such a resolution not viewed, even by his opponents, as man who truly wants to impart grace and truth to the denominational whole? Reading the resolution, it appears as though the authors motives are quite pure.

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