If the president and trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary think that IMB guidelines excluding persons from missionary appointment on the basis of their private prayers is both legitimate and paradigmatic — so much so that they would have adopted a similar guideline to govern faculty appointments — does anyone else think the following question is relevant and/or appropriate:

The International Mission Board monitors the body mass index (BMI) of missionary candidates, excluding obese and inordinately overweight persons from missionary appointment until such time as their BMI falls within clearly prescribed guidelines. Why has Southwestern Seminary not adopted a similarly restrictive policy to govern faculty appointments?

Or better yet, let me ask this:

Can you find any administrators, faculty, or staff who might not qualify for missionary appointment with the International Mission Board for failure to meet the BMI guideline?

We at Baptist Blogger spy at least five by starting at Pecan Manor and working our way down. How many can you find?

3 thoughts on “Question…

  1. No I don’t find it relevant. As usual you are comparing apples and oranges. I will give you this… are a master of spin. Let me ask you this: Do you have a private prayer langauge? If so, what scripture points to this being biblical? Second, how are your attacks, in a public forum, on Dr. Patterson biblical? What has Dr. Patterson done to hurt Brother Cole’s feelings so much that he would slander a man of God?

  2. Seeing as how one of the VPs was an IMB missionary, I would hope that you were not referring to him.

    You have moved from attacking a man’s work to attacking his weight? How low are you going to go? Are you going to start in on his wife, or his children, or grandchildren? Has his dog done something to offend you?

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