From a father to a son…

A fellow Texas pastor and blogger named Chuck Bryce has written his son a letter on the occasion of his graduation from high school.  The letter is simple in its style, but profound in its message.  I highly encourage every father who reads this letter to sit down over the next week or so and write out a letter to your son.

Parents, you have no idea how much a letter like this will mean to your child.  Just a few sentences expressing how you’re proud of them, how much you love them, and offering them unpretentious, godly counsel will last far longer than any memory of the growing pains in their minds.

Check out Chuck’s letter to his son, just after you grab some Kleenex.

One thought on “From a father to a son…

  1. Thanks for stopping by to read my post. It was a great day and I think writing the letter will help me to handle the idea that he really is leaving!


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