SWBTS enrollment slides…Dallas Seminary up…

In case you’re wondering where all the SWBTS students are going, Baptist Blogger has just discovered that while the Fort Worth seminary’s enrollment has fallen to 2700, Dallas Seminary’s is climbing higher and higher.

In related news, SWBTS will graduate 247 students, including five undergraduate and ten doctoral candidates, and toward the lowest number of Spring graduates in at least twenty seven years.

Dallas Seminary, on the other hand, will graduate 379 students, 278 men and 101 women.

We also notice that Dallas Seminary doesn’t have the chapel capacity for their graduates, so they use Prestonwood Baptist Church in far north Dallas. Southwestern, on the other hand, is working overtime to raise money for a 3500 2700 seat chapel auditorium to hold their falling number of graduates. More later on the SWBTS chapel snafus that have required major architectural revisions….

But for perspective, note the following comparison of graduates since Patterson took the helm:

2007 SWBTS Grads — 247

2006 SWBTS Grads — 260

2005 SWBTS Grads –255

2004 SWBTS Grads — 299

Hemphill’s Presidency, last four years:

2003 SWBTS Grads — 288 (Hemphill resigns)

2002 SWBTS Grads — 423

2001 SWBTS Grads — 319

2000 SWBTS Grads — 372

Malcolm Yarnell’s latest white papers…

Our favorite Southern Baptist henchman, Professor Malcolm Yarnell, has just released a new series of white papers, linked here, here, here, here, and here, to coincide with the occasion of Frank Beckwith’s returning to full communion in the Roman Catholic Church.

Thanks, Brother Malcolm. Your commitment to careful theological analysis and charitable scholarship is a model for all young pastors. Not since Paul Blanshard has so esteemed a scholar explained the dangers of Roman Catholicism. A fine tradition of Evangelical theology you are advancing, Malcolm. Very fine indeed.

Please keep those white papers coming. We at Baptist Blogger find them so very helpful, and we want to help you boost your readership in every way possible.