Klouda responds…

For those following the case of Sheri Klouda v. SWBTS and Paige Patterson, you might be interested to read the response filed by Klouda’s attorney’s to the standard motion to dismiss filed by the school’s legal counsel. For now, all I have is a word document. I’ll be getting the signed and stamped PDF file before the weekend.

Klouda Response to Motion to Dismiss

One thought on “Klouda responds…

  1. Ben,

    There is a question that is probably in the back of our minds that maybe you can answer. Even though we feel that Klouda needs some justice, does this open the door for a person who is involved in a lifestyle that is immoral from being let go if this case is won. That is my biggest concern. Also is anyone to you knowledge trying to resolves this outside of the courts. I preached
    From 1 Corinthians Chp 6 this Sunday. Do you think that would be able to find a believer who is non-bias to arbitrate to situation? Would they be willing?

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