Giuliani on non-binding resolutions…

Finally, somebody makes some sense about the nonsense of non-binding resolutions. Such impotent encyclicals, be they Southern Baptist or otherwise, are about as useful as roller skates on a weiner dog. And as one who’s drafted his fair share of empty prose for consideration in the SBC, I have to concede Giuliani’s point. The SBC should reevaluate the need for resolutions altogether.

6 thoughts on “Giuliani on non-binding resolutions…

  1. Mr Cole,
    It is a morally repugnant for any God-fearing man to vote for Mr Giuliani. Dead children by the millions are crying out for men to stop the slaughter. Its also racist…just listen to John Pipers message on the abortion topic. Sexist too…….hard to argue for Sheri Klouda when you support the systematic destruction of millions of girls around the world!
    I prayerfully ask you stop this wickedness.
    Robert I Masters

  2. Wow, finally someone from New York that makes sense who is running for president.

    I haven’t quite latched on to anyone yet, but Giuliani is making sense here. Give credit where credit is due.

  3. Agreed. Great clip!

    Our fine convention should be far more concerned with showing people what we’re for than telling them what we’re against.

    This later part has been the trend for too long.

  4. Mr. Masters,
    I agree with the abortion issue also but don’t stop short. There are other issues being tolerated that are contrary to our faith in other candidates that we look over. George bush tip toes around the muslim faith and validates it in his speech. Ronald Reagan was involved in astrology. If I remember correctly Bush Sr flipped flop on the abortion issue. There are a bunch of devils trying to get the church house vote. I probably won’t vote for him but if he is our only choice then yes. He i is not proactive in his abortion stance. He is not going the force the issue like the other side might.

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