3 thoughts on “Everyone Didn’t…

  1. No wonder the SBC baptism rate is down. People like you aren’t submitting ACPs! That picture is obviously one of your evangelism bus. If you were living right, you’d have a nice shiny one just like Bro. Bobby Welch!

    P. S. (That’s my bus behind yours)

    : p

  2. After coming to a small country church, I have come to the conclusion that all baptism are not Christian Conversion. Quite a few are only SBC conversion. Some people want to rebaptize anyone who was baptize outside a SBC Church. I can understand if they are from a non-trinitarian or baptism for salvation and I am pro dunking those who have been sprinkled, but they will re-baptize those from a Bible Church even if the world Baptist is in the title. How many professions of faith have been listed. Where can I find that number.

  3. Also, maybe you are embarrassed to let us know what your baptism count is. Perhaps your church is not sharing the Gospel as aggressively as some of the Ministers and Ministries that you decide to put down and humiliate. Please do some good Kingdom Work and stop your blog which does not build up the body of Christ.

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