Those poor unfortunate souls…

…who serve as pastors’ wives and have never had a chance to learn about the proper placement of silver at the dinner table, or have not been afforded the opportunity to learn couture, correspondence, and charm from beauty pageant winners, now have their chance. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary continues to blaze new trails in the preparation of women for the Lord’s calling upon their lives by hosting:

Etiquette: A Modern Manners Conference for Women and Girls
April 21, 2007, from 9:00 to Noon

Or if you prefer to hear the chapel announcement, then go to the SWBTS Chapel Archives and load the following sermons, then find the times listed below for the First Lady’s announcement.

Jeff Iorg Sermon
April 10, 2007
From minute 16:09 to 18:29

Charles Ryrie Sermon
April 12, 2007
From minute 15:48 to 17:51

And if you want to know what song was playing through my head when I read about this…

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