Smackdown from Stackhouse…

“Patterson nonetheless seems to be something of a wuss. By this unflattering term I’m calling him out as a weakling, a girly-man, a poser who won’t “man up” enough to carry things through to their logical conclusion.”

That, from Professor John Stackhouse on his latest blog post.

One thought on “Smackdown from Stackhouse…

  1. Ben,

    It was good to meet you in person in Jackson the other week.

    Although I agree that there seems to be a real consistency issue here, I find the link Stackhouse makes between the Klouda incident and complimentarianism to be thin at best. This issue is about the consistent application of employment practices, and honesty regarding the hiring and retention of a professor. To blame this issue on complimentarianism is to build quiet a straw man…which I have found is about the only way an egalitarian can make his or her argument.

    In short, I’m with you here, but definitely NOT for the reasons Stackhouse cites.

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