Paige in the dock???

We really hope Paige Patterson has his day on the witness stand, and we think Southern Baptists can handle the truth.  But we’d suggest that Patterson not take the course of Colonel Nathan Jessup, or adopt his downright potty mouth…

6 thoughts on “Paige in the dock???

  1. Mr. Cole – when I first came across your site – i thought that your posts regarding paige patterson were out of a godly concern for the fidelity of the leadership within the sbc…but given the last few video posts (and others) it seems your obsession with dr. patterson is far from godly…its sad. what i see here is a all too ready disposition to paint him in a bad light – the bible calls this slander. Now, I’m not necessarily defending patterson – because I don’t know all the facts of the situations you’ve brought attention to. But, i think that you need to take time to truly examine your motives as to why you are posting SOOOO MANY articles demeaning dr. patterson.

    if you noticed – i addressed you as Mr. – only because from your actions you are not acting as a pastor should – i.e. – he should be one who is… “above reproach”, who “loves what is good” and who is “respectable” and “not quarrelsome”. And to add, “The Lord’s bond-servant must not be quarrelsome, but be kind to all, able to teach, patient when wronged, with gentleness correcting those who are in opposition…”

    if you truly care for the glory of christ – you would “love what is good” in this situation and be concerned as brother for dr. patterson’s fidelity – not as a malignant “hater” (as pop-culture calls it)….and this is all you appear to be. there is much more that could be said but that’s all for now. i will be praying for you.

    Speaking the truth in love…

    the unknown dude

  2. and i know that you have to approve of my post – and so if it isn’t postworthy – that’s ok – the message was for you.


  3. Ben,
    I’m not sure what the point is with the video clips. Though I love video clips and am personally a you tube freak.

    It seems quite enough to do what you are already doing substantively with Paige. These videos seem to kind of impute or at least associate a wickedness to Paige beyond what you have substantively. I guess when you think of Col. Jessup, or the warden form shawshank, or a redneck politician from O Brother, Paige P. comes to your mind and you think that he should come to ours too.

    I feel, like Ann Coulter, you methods are beginning to speak louder than your message. Supporters of the establishment leadership are yoking every blogger to you. Your website is being used to DEFINE everyone else who wishes to express concern about accountability and the direction of the convention. I’m afraid that many bloggers are being marginalized because of the association.

    Now that association isn’t fair, but nor is the associations you are contriving in these video clips. Stick to your substance, it is sufficient.

    Anyone else out there have a similar opinion?

    Keeping my eye on the prize! (eye of the tiger)

    Tigerrr Woods

  4. Bro Ben,

    As a fellow SBC pastor, I was shocked to see this particular video clip posted. How do you justify in your mind that it is OK to link a video clip that uses the Lord’s name in vain? I have been reading your blog for several months now and have come to realize two things. God has obviously blessed you with a brilliant mind. You have a beautiful way with words. Number two, you obviously are not happy with the leadership of Dr Paige Patterson. In the intro to this clip you encouraged Dr Patterson not to adopt Nathan Jessup’s downright “potty mouth”. By posting this clip and sharing it on your blog, in a way you endorse the content. Bro ben, I understand this is your blog and I am just a visitor. As a fellow pastor, and for the sake of God’s name, and in essesence, his character, please consider taking this clip down.

  5. Bro Ben,

    Sorry for the incomplete sentence. The comment should have read:

    Any particular reason why my comment asking you to remove this post out of concern for our Christian witness was not allowed to be posted? As a fellow pastor, I hoped you would understand.


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