Call me Sanballat…

…but this man has lost his mind.

Go check out Paige Patterson on his chapel for SWBTS… The Spanish-style structure will:

1. Be built the way a Southern Baptist church “ought to be built,” without a center-aisle.

2. Be intended to accomodate the “1800 6000 students” coming Southwestern’s way.

3. Contain a “beautiful fountain” for indoor/outdoor baptisms to teach students to “baptize the proper way.”

4. Have a 108 ft. Prayer Tower.

5. Have lighting effects and a “drop wall” to keep the 3500 seat auditorium from “looking so empty.”

6. Serve as a focal point to reach the world for Christ, or a point of departure for the rapture.

7. Be built immediately adjacent to the presidential manse, which structure is visible from the final “fly away.”

8. Only cost about as much as the seminary will have to pay for Patterson’s negligence in the Klouda firing.

I only wish the First Lady of Southwestern had narrated the video. I do so enjoy those Christmas videos she produces for the community each year.

If you wish to give to build Patterson’s chapel, please send your tax-exempt contributions to:

Patmos Evangelistic Association
1901 Boyce Ave.
Ft. Worth, TX

Or if you’d prefer another giving channel to “reach the world for Christ,” we at Baptist Blogger commend you to this website.

6 thoughts on “Call me Sanballat…

  1. It would be interesting to know if any money was spent on the plans and/or the video. I don’t think they should have spent very much, if anything, as it looks a lot like jazzed-up Heritage USA (if i have the name of Mr. Bakker’s failed venture corredt in the sludge of my memory).

    I’m guessing those plans could be bought. Cheap.

  2. When I moved to Ft Worth in 1999 I wondered where were all the trees were at. I think I found them in the video. I never saw so many trees in one location other than a parking lot around Christmas time. Also they should not build a new chapel until the students population increases. What they should build is a bigger Jack n Box. As what we called it, “Chapel Jack.” In closing, haven’t Texans learned about tall towers on school campuses? I remembered a few years back this lady flipped out and ended up on the steps of the men’s dorm talking about the aliens coming. All we need is some one climbing the prayer tower and flipping out. He also did not mention an elevator. Looking at the weight condition of our convention, that is going to be interesting.


  3. I must say as well, that the first thing that really jumped out at me was Page’s statement, “the way a Baptist Church ought to be constructed.” Page is now the official and authoritative designer of Baptist Churches?

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