It takes a good deal of money to keep Paige Patterson’s platinum status travel perks with American Airlines…

$98,837.25 in Fiscal 2002-2003 alone. That’s roughly three times what Sheri Klouda makes in a year.

Just some highlights for you before you peruse the ledger for yourself…

1. Why did SEBTS front the money for SWBTS to move Paige Patterson to Ft. Worth, totalling $10,316.39. That’s an awful lot of money to move a “small, private apartment” of furniture. Just what did Patterson move from SEBTS? Developing…

2. Why is there a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix charged under the President’s travel expenses? Did Paige Patterson purchase a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix on July 31, 2003, his last day of employment at SEBTS?

3. It looks like Patmos Evangelistic Association reimbursed SEBTS a total of $129.50 in Fiscal 2003. Does anybody think it’s worth looking into the connections/expenditures/transfers between Paige Patterson’s 501(c)3, and SBC Institutions?

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