More plagiarism…

Just when it looks like academic standards at Southern Baptist seminaries are going to pot, a bright light shines. As many of you already know, the president of Southwestern Seminary has redefined plagiarism to acccomodate the president of the Romanian School over which Patterson serves as trustee chairman. Or as SWBTS trustee chairman might say, Patterson has had a “momentary lax of the parameters” of academic excellence.

Thankfully, Danny Akin at Southeastern Seminary is holding firm to the tradition of strict scrutiny for plagiarists. Consider the following:

Summer 2000 Edition of SEBTS Faith and Mission

SEBTS 2000

“The Priesthood of all Believers and Authority in the Church,” by SEBTS Student from Romania, Andrew Neamtu.

Neamtu Article

Summer 2004 Edition of SEBTS Faith and Mission
Editorial retracting Neamtu plagiarism:

SEBTS Retraction

We at Baptist Blogger have not yet confirmed what disciplinary action was taken to correct Neamtu’s plagiariam.  If he was expelled from SEBTS for this serious offense, we suggest he contact SWBTS and enroll in their PhD program.  We hear that plagiarism isn’t quite as serious an offense in Fort Worth.

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