Fixing up the Nut House…

Paige and Dorothy Patterson have nearly quadrupled the value of Pecan Manor, the Southwestern presidential home, and increased the square footage to 8,757 sq.ft. In the meantime, houses on the same street have increased in value by 1.88%.

Or maybe the Patmos Evangelistic Association home office has undergone a major expansion.

Just for a reference, please consider the following:

Academy award-winning actress Helen Mirren’s home — 6,699 sq.ft.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s love nest — 6,716 sq.ft.

Grammy award winning vocalist Smokey Robinson — 4420 sq.ft.

Martha Stewart’s Turkey Hill Farm — 3,168 sq.ft.

Mafia don Al Capone’s final estate — 3,682 sq.ft.

Childhood home of Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis — 8500 sq.ft.

Shock-jock Howard Stern’s Southampton digs — 8500 sq.ft.

Britney Spears Tuscan-style mansion — 7,453 sq.ft.

Billionaire mogul Kirk Kerkorian’s Beverly Hills palace — 8402 sq.ft.

Of course, we hope that the Pattersons at least let those student workers use straw to make the bricks…