One motion I will make…

At the forthcoming SBC annual meeting in San Antonio, I intend to make the following motion:

“That the Southern Baptist Convention request that the boards of trustees serving each convention agency, seminary, commission, and entity collaborate to establish uniform policies governing all employee uses of convention resources for the purposes of procuring, performing, and disclosing the revenue generated through all supplemental ministry assignments not considered to be official convention business; and that such uniform policies regulate the means whereby convention employees receive honoraria and expense reimbursements for all voluntary supplemental ministry assignments.”

3 thoughts on “One motion I will make…

  1. Ben,

    I will second that motion, speak to its passage and lobby for it from now untill we meet in San Antonio. The need for such is far past and the day is growing dark due to the lack of proper accountability of those we trust with CP funds. Who shall join us?

    Let your voice be heard from this day to the day we vote in San Antonio if the Lord tarries and give us grace to live and do business in Texas for the kingdom’s Enterprise.



  2. Dear Brother Ben,

    I sure hope you intend to simplify the wording, or you’ll just get a big, collective, “Huh?” from the messengers!

    Love in Christ,


  3. Jeff:

    Messengers not understanding the language of the motion is of no consequence. This kind of motion is referred, and the boards of trustees and legal counsel will understand it. There will be no action taken on the floor of the convention about this. It will only be referred.


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