Paige Patterson’s slush fund?

Has anybody ever heard of the Patmos Evangelistic Association?

I thought Southwestern Seminary’s presidential residence was located at 1901 W. Boyce Ave, Fort Worth, TX, 76115? Apparently, Patmos Evangelistic Association has offices there as well.

I guess that explains the construction around Pecan Manor over the last few years.

If you download the non-profit filings for Patmos Evangelistic Association, you get the following information:

1. The most recent IRS Form 990 was filed in December 2005.

2. The employer identification number is 751777000.

3. The Reported Form 990 Asset Amount is $67,658.00

4. The Reported Form 990 Asset Range is $25,000.00 to $99,999.00.

5. The Reported Form 990 Income amount is $63,064.00.

6. The Reported Form 990 Income Amount Range is $25,000.00 to $99,999.00.

7. The Reported From 990 Revenue Amount is $62,894.00

8. The Organization is classified as an independent religious organization not affiliated with a national, regional, or geographic grouping of organizations.

9. The Organization was granted non-profit status in November 1981.

10. Contributions to the organization are tax-deductible.

11. The Organization receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public.

12. The Principal Activity of the Organization is Evangelism.

Wow, $63,000.00 worth of evangelism in 2005 alone. Paige Patterson must have paid for Bobby Welch’s bus tour. Either that or a lot of wild African game heard the Gospel. I wonder if he discloses the revenues of Patmos Evangelistic Association to the SWBTS Board of Trustees? And who is on the board of Patmos Ministries, because they haven’t filed any updated information with the Texas Secretary of State. In fact, according to the Secretary of State, the Paige Patterson Evangelistic Association, also formed in 1981, is currently in “expired” status for a non-profit corporation.



One of our commenters has found that a car could have been donated to Patmos Evangelistic Association in Wake Forest, NC. I’m wondering if PEA ever received a donated silver Cadillac sedan? Did Southeastern Seminary give Paige Patterson a car when he left to go to SWBTS, even though SWBTS provides the president with an automobile? Talk about bureaucratic duplication…

Also, it appears that there are only two directors on the Patmos Evangelistic Association Board of Directors. They are Paige Patterson, president; and Dorothy Patterson, secretary. Read for yourself by clicking here. The tax forms were prepared by Charles Armstrong, CPA, who is also the father of SEBTS Comptroller, David Armstrong.

The 2005-990 Form, page ten, reveals that Paige and Dorothy Patterson spent $26,275.00 in travel on behalf of the Patmos Evangelistic Association. It also shows that the Patterson’s son, Armour, received $6,650.00 for “research” related to a “forthcoming book,” as well as what appears to be $727.00 in travel reimbursements. In 2004, Armour Patterson received $5,800.00 for similar research for a “forthcoming book” and $1,215.00 for expenses incurred while conducting “research surveys.” In 2003, Armour Patterson received $4,950.00 for “contract services” for researching a “forthcoming book,” and travel reimbursements totalling $3,442.00. I guess we are all waiting to see this book.

It is also apparent that the Patterson’s have been experiencing tremendous fundraising success through Patmos Evangelistic Association. In 2004, total receipts were $45,657.00. In 2003, they were $20,259. Back in 2002 at Southeastern, when Patmos was based in North Carolina, the Patterson’s brought in a meager $16,619. I’m assuming the Patterson’s non-profit is reflecting a basic law of economic theory: as demand goes up, prices increase. Either that, or the amount adding to total assets each year is roughly $20,000, which is not being used for ministry purposes, but rather being accumulated year-to-year.

I cannot help but think about the fact that the United States Government forbids elected officials from using the offices and resources afforded by taxpayer dollars to conduct private business. How long will Southern Baptists tolerate a lesser standard for tithe-money than Congress tolerates for tax-money?

Also, the number listed for Patmos Evangelistic Association on the IRS Forms is (817) 923-1921, which seems to be the same number for Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Tonight, I called the seminary switchboard and asked a very helpful young man named Jarod if he would connect me to the voicemail for “Patmos Evangelistic Association.”

He searched for a while, and then politely informed me that he had no such listing. I should try back on Monday morning when the seminary switchboard operator is at work. I guess I’ll have to call at 7:30am and ask for Sue.


Very interesting.

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