WFAA Channel 8 on Sheri Klouda…

A local television news crew has interviewed Sheri Klouda for a segment that aired on tonight’s 10:00 evening news.

I was called for comment, but my travel schedule precluded a video-recorded interview. Dr. Eugene Merrill, a long-time member of FBC Dallas and emeritus professor at Dallas Theological Seminary had some interesting things to say.

To view the segment and read the story, click here

5 thoughts on “WFAA Channel 8 on Sheri Klouda…

  1. In the television report, she certainly doesn’t come off as a strident feminist treat to anybody. If anything, her meekness is a rebuke to the pugnacious among us.

    Dr. Merrill and family used to be members at FBC, Dallas, I think. Maybe still are, so he’s used to people saying one thing on subject of women teaching and doing another. ;)

  2. Ben, thanks for all that you have contributed to full public disclosure of the deplorable treatment of Dr. Klouda. Your unvarnished commentaries may rankle some, but this Okie applauds your uncompromised passion to set the record straight. The statement, “May your tribe increase!” comes to mind. Our household continues to pray that the Lord will bless Dr. Klouda and her family in this time of trial and strife.

    In His Grace and Peace,
    T. D. Webb

  3. I don’t understand how any female can hold any teaching position at SWBTS if all professors must be able to be pastors. If that is true, regardless of who they teach, no female could be a professor.


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