One thought on “Sheri Klouda: In her own words…

  1. Well said, Ben. There is only one glaring omission from your good examples of Southern Baptist inconsistency: mission boards! Mission boards are the most prominent example of women exercising authority over men. Only on the mission boards can a woman veto the call of a man who feels called to serve God through missions. If Patterson and friends were consistent they would seeks to remove all women from all positions within the convention that place men under the authoritative scrutiny of a woman whereby their vote can literally end a man’s carreer; that’s authority!!! BTW look at Dorothy Patterson’s “white paper” on women’s roles on the SWBTS website. Assuming men read the paper, it constitutes the height of a woman instructing a man: she is interpreting scripture and teaching God’s eternal, inerrant Word to theologians and pastors!

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