The force is strong with them…

Does anybody care to explain what on earth in the universe the Starwalkers Church of Houston, TX, is?

And why are Paige Patterson and Al Mohler listed as members of the founding board of directors?

Starwalkers Church Articles of Incorporation

Starwalkers Church Articles of Amendment

Tracking non-profits can be very interesting. More on this later…

3 thoughts on “The force is strong with them…

  1. I think you had it right the first time…”and that will be incorporated or orgainzed in a place of the planet earth.” It’s good to know that was specified.

    Nevertheless, it is patently obvious that Dr. Patterson is not in any way affiliated with this organization. After all, the following is a part of their “About Us”:
    Economic Transformation
    The community values simplicity and making do with what we have, reusing, repairing. Wealth is measured by the health of our families and natural environment. The rights of ownership are shifted to the responsibilities of stewardship. Members share material possessions and participate in meaningful work. They explore ways to disengage from the monetary system.

  2. Two things:

    1) Drs. Patterson & Mohler were removed as Directors, apparently, in the Amendment, and…

    2) The first sentence on the Starwalkers.Org website is:

    How do we consciously participate with the universe to enhance the evolutionary journey?” Talk about broadening the parameters!

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