7 thoughts on “Great Moments in SBC History…

  1. Baptistblog:

    I know humor is humor, but let me say one thing critical of you and one thing critical of the man blowing the shofar at the convention.

    First, baptistblog, the shofar is an object that should be used only properly to glorify God in a proper context of Jewish or Messianic Jewish worship. I say this as a Messianic Jewish leader (in Atlanta). Your joke about it being a bong is in bad taste, though I doubt you meant any harm.

    Second, the man blowing the shofar at the convention is also misusing an object intended to glorify God. It is not something to add “wow” to a Christian service. It is not a toy. Those who know how to use the Shofar (during the month of Ellul leading up to Rosh HaShanah) know it is something holy.

    Anyway, no hard feelings, but know that there are people who care about these things.

    Derek Leman

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