Better Bibles Blog is spot on…

Check out Better Bibles Blog about the scholarship of German theologianne Eta Linnemann and the place of women in the academy.  Graduates of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary will remember Linnemann’s visit to the campus several years ago, at the invitation of Paige Patterson, to lecture to students.

Of course, an afternoon tea was scheduled, though Linnemann confessed to at least one of the seminary’s deans that she “wasn’t quite fond of tea” and would “rather be lecturing.”

3 thoughts on “Better Bibles Blog is spot on…

  1. Perhaps a “conclave” could be arranged between Dr. Patterson of Southeastern and Dr. Patterson of Southwestern to discuss more defined parameters for allowing female teachers to instruct male students.

  2. While waiting for Rules, Part 7, I was contemplating the various photo headers. This blog has a stimulating series of photos.

    Does the current photo depict the wall guarding the vault containing SWBTS’ Trustee archives and those pesky, telltale minutes?

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