The writing on the wall???

From IMB President Jerry Rankin’s report to board trustees:

However, as we move into 2007 we see a disturbing trend. Appointments of new missionaries have plateaued, and the candidate pool is smaller than it has ever been in my tenure as president.”

Maybe this year the IMB trustees can find another reason to exclude otherwise qualified candidates from serving overseas.

5 thoughts on “The writing on the wall???

  1. Ben: Shouldn’t someone have told them this might happen?

    Oh. Wait. They did. Never mind.

    Since plateauing and reducing hasn’t appeared on anyone’s “to-do list”, I think there might be some other motivation behind what brought this about. I wonder whatever that could possibly be?

  2. It doesn’t look like they need to find more reasons for excluding otherwise qualified candidates. Their current supply appears limitless.

  3. I guess now we’ll hear, “See. That was proof we had rabid charismatics lining up to use our money to hit the fields. The new policies weeded them out.”

    Thanks for that addendum.

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