Baptist Blogger will continue posting those blogs that are already queued, which include the remainder of the “Rules for Radicals” series, a post on the inequity of SWBTS employment practices, an essay on Shakespeare and the SBC, and a historical reflection about the need for an intramural critique of the conservative resurgence. These posts should carry us until the Baptist Identity Conference at Union University, and to the Executive Committee meeting in Nashville, TN.

After that, I will be taking two weeks of vacation to read and write for other projects.  Baptist Blogger will shut down from Feb 20 until the next meeting of SWBTS trustee board this Spring.

We will blog about the SWBTS board meeting, and then suspend all blogging except for discussion of the SBC Nominations Committee report and an analysis of Frank Page’s appointments to various convention committees.  Blogging will resume in full force on May 1, 2007, for the run up to the San Antonio convention.

4 thoughts on “Plans…

  1. Ben,

    Will you write a letter to Frank Page on my behalf recommending me as an appointee to a committee? :)


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