Right speech…wrong speaker.

Baptist Press has just reported that the pastor at FBC Daytona Beach, FL, has resigned his position, effective at midnight last evening.

I have two thoughts.

1. This is a very sad circumstance, and most likely it was preventable. David Cox has resigned with grace and sincerity from a position that brought challenges he never could have foreseen. That Bobby Welch was in the service of his resignation is perplexing to me. Jerry Vines has done the right thing by moving away from Jacksonville to allow Mac Brunson the freedom to establish himself as pastor. Overlapping pastorates are recipes for disaster.

2. David Cox has bowed out of a position of leadership for causes far less serious than those which currently face other leaders in our convention. His resignation should have been drafted for them instead.

3 thoughts on “Right speech…wrong speaker.

  1. I know David Cox. He has a heart for evangelism and Kingdom Growth, prayer, and discipleship. My prayers are with him. I don’t nkow details. Another church will be fortunate to have him, perhaps.

  2. I found it very amusing that the news headline above the mentioned article is “FBC Daytona Beach celebrates 50th semester of FAITH.” The article about the resignation ends with the random sentence…The F.A.I.T.H. evangelism strategy, available through LifeWay Christian Resources, originated at FBC Daytona Beach.

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