More doublespeak from Southwestern…

Giving Tom Hatley a run for most bumbling Baptist trustee chairman, Van McClain has continued to trip over his own words.

From Religion News Service:

McClain also denied that gender discrimination played a role in Klouda’s dismissal: ‘The second issue involves the desire of (the seminary) to have only men teaching who are qualified to be pastors or who have been pastors in the disciplines of theology, biblical studies, homiletics, and pastoral ministry. This is in keeping, of course, with the statement of faith of the SBC that clearly says the pastorate is reserved for men.’

Did you get that?

“It had nothing to do with gender.”

“But she isn’t a man so we can’t let her teach.”

Thanks for clearing that one up for us there, Van. We are soooo much more confident that you know what you’re doing over there in Fort Worth.

Is anybody else concerned that prospective faculty members at Southwestern Seminary are about to undergo the most humiliating of scrutinies? And who, pray tell, gets to “check under the hood” to make sure Southern Baptists don’t end up with their own version of Pope Joan myths? I can hear it now:

“Come in. Welcome to Southwestern.”

“Thank you, Dr. Blaising.”

“Now before we begin the interview, could you just have a quick seat over here in this special little chair. MmmmHmmm. Well I guess that will do.”

(Turning to shout to his secretary on the other side of the screen)

“Barb…could you turn the thermostat up. It’s a little cold in here.”

4 thoughts on “More doublespeak from Southwestern…

  1. Is there any document, including the Bible, or any bylaws or governing documents related to Southwestern Seminary that equates teaching positions on the faculty, particularly in the areas cited by Van McClain, with the pastorate or office of bishop or overseer in the church?

    This looks a lot like a game where the rules are made up as you go along.

  2. That same line continues to boggle me as well. It’s almost as boggling as Mrs. Patterson writing a white(albeit pink) paper and placing it for men to read as well as women. :)

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