David Dockery to address SBC unity…

About this time last year, I made an initial contact with Dr. David Dockery of Union University asking that he would consider standing for nomination as president of the Southern Baptist Convention. That phonecall began a dialogue among Southern Baptists that ended with Dockery’s insistence that 2006 was not the year for him to serve as convention president due to commitments at the Jackson, TN, university where he has undertaken extensive campaigns to raise the endowment and grow the student population.

Incidentally, I’ve been told by one SWBTS trustee that some of the original committee wish they had given greater consideration to David Dockery for the president of the Fort Worth school.

Fellow blogger Timmy Brister will be posting a series of interviews with David Dockery on his blog this week.

Be sure to check it out…

Sounds like somebody has a clue about how to move the convention past the narrowing fundamentalism of some resurgent oligarchs.

2 thoughts on “David Dockery to address SBC unity…

  1. Ben,

    I appreciate what you are doing. As an SBC employee I have a pain in my heart for what is happening. Continue the work.

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