Tevye must have visited Pecan Manor this Christmas…

Go watch the warm and inviting tour through the second home of the eighth president and first lady of our third largest seminary. (*Update* It seems that SWBTS has removed the homepage link to the 2006 Christmas Video shortly after this posting. You can still access the 2005 video by clicking here. When I access an archived version of 2006, I’ll post.  Of course, the president could have ordered that it not be made available online, allowing only for purchased video copies to be available at Roberts Library.  If so, the Christmas video is somewhere buried next to the McKissic Chapel sermon and the Presidential Coffee Club mugs bearing the resemblance of Russell Dilday.)

Then appreciate a clip from Fiddler on the Roof.

One thought on “Tevye must have visited Pecan Manor this Christmas…

  1. I’m glad to know our CP dollars are being put to good use. It would be a disgrace if there were no Christmas trees at all. Kind of made me embarrassed for my little one, though.

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