Best college football this year…

Last night I stayed up to watch the Fiesta Bowl, a game that will be replayed again and again. It was, without a doubt, one of the best nights of college football I have ever watched. And here is the play that made the game:

Keys to winning a game of football or a denominational tug-of-war:

1. Don’t expect your opponent to move the ball the same way on every snap.

2. A fake pass can clear the field for a fast runner.

3. The quicker you are on your feet, the fewer number of goons and grunts you require to guard you.

4. The clock is your best friend, or your worst enemy. Only a few seconds are needed to change the score.

5. When you have a reasonable chance of converting two points, do not hesitate to run the ball.

6. The element of surprise is more effective than sticking to the playbook.

7. One or two star athletes can compensate for a few meatheads on the line of scrimmage.

8. Behind every great quarterback is an even greater coach.

9. Both teams cannot win the same game on the same day.  Somebody will always lose.

10. Never allow your opponent to gain momentum. Keep them guessing and running to wear them down.

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