All is calm, all is bright?

Regardless of what he thought in his final moments, Saddam Hussein is no martyr, and he is no saint. Martyrs go to their deaths like silent lambs to the slaughter. Hussein shouted to the end.

<begin sarcasm>Tonight, he is dead, and I imagine that children in Fallujah are resting peacefully without the threat of terror or violence or the sound of bombs exploding in the streets.<end sarcasm>

America: still making the world safe for democracy.


Saddam refuses hood, hangs.

No blood. No spit.

Calm and subdued.

Bush gets his man.

Making sense of the nonsense.

Jesse Jackson: Saddam was a murderer, but was our ally when he did it.

Moscow: Execution will lead to ‘further aggravation.’

India: Disappointment over ‘unfortunate event.’

Execution footage unveiled…before and after.

4 thoughts on “All is calm, all is bright?

  1. Ben,

    We do not agree on the merits of the death penalty, as you know. A point of agreement about the death penalty, or taking the life of a human being under any circumstance, is that we agree that the conduct of some of our brothers in their gloating and celebration of a man’s death is a sickening thing.

    I believe the death penalty is necessary for three reasons:

    1 The O.T. mandates it.

    2 The N.T. reminds us that governments have the authority to exercise it.

    3 I have looked into the face of pure evil and know evil of such nature will never compromise, therefore, we have no other recourse left to us.

    Yet, for any of us to gloat and celebrate in the death of any man, for whatever purpose, brings us very close to the same purity of evil that we seek to terminate.

    Ben, I think we agree that taking a man’s life from him and to “usher” him into the Hands of the Living God is a very serious and sobering thing. It is that of which nightmares are made, and of which no Christian should have joy.

  2. Ben and CB,

    Ezekiel 33:11- “The Lord says, ‘I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked would turn from his ways and live.'”

    I too support the death penalty for crimes that merit it. I also think that the reason it doesn’t serve as a deterrent is because of the years long appeals process. Scripture states, “Because sentence against an evil work isn’t carried out speedily, the hearts of men are fully set in them to do evil.” In most states, you can kill someone and still be around 15 years later to talk about it. It’s a hard sell to call that justice, but God does place that authority in the hands of the government.

    However, I have lessening faith in any government’s ability to “speedily” carry it out without making mistakes, especially in identity. DNA has exonerated many, many people some of whom were lined up to die. And, lest we forget, execution tends to be a one shot deal. Apologies after the fact ring a mite hollow.

    Nor do I see in scripture where political expediency should be a consideration, ie, Saddam’s death will cause more violence. Of course it will, it already has; some will use any excuse. But now, weren’t we dealing with a little violence to begin with?

    If nothing else it should warn existing or future dictators and those who commit crimes against humanity that there is still justice, no matter how flawed its performance may be. For the follower of Christ, agreeing with both of you, it is not a cause for rejoicing, but for sorrow of a soul in a Christless eternity.

    God help all of us.

  3. I heard a quotation perhaps 50 years ago. The thought expressed therein is that it’s not the punishment that deters the crime, it is the certainty of the punishment. That has the ring of truth, and explains why the death penalty doesn’t seem to work on anybody except the “executee”.

  4. Bob is correct that part of the problem with the death penalty is the uncertainty and inequity in its use. However, I personally would not want to flick the switch or push the button or shoot the gun and I also would rather know that anyone being put to death has been given every chance to respond to the gospel of Jesus, and, given that only God would know that… the death penalty breaks my heart. I rest only in knowing that God is in control.

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