5 thoughts on “2 Kings 23:25

  1. Beautiful. I remember the first time I heard of Adrian Rogers I was turning the channels on the TV. I couldn’t stop listening to the message. That voice of his was what I thought the voice of God Himself would sound like.

  2. Brother Ban,

    I am not certain that Dr. Rogers would consider himself a king. I think you had better training in hermaneutics than this.

    Blessings and Merry Christmas

  3. Tim Rogers, bless your heart.

    And I’m sure you had better training in English than to spell hermeneutics incorrectly. In fact, didn’t you have an entire course in hermeneutics? Perhaps more than one, hmmm? And yet, you still misspell it?

    Or maybe you did have “hermaneutics,” which would explain your difficulty with hermeneutics.


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