2 thoughts on “SWBTS “Mrs.” Degree, Pt. 5.

  1. Okay … now you are meddling. One of my secret goals in life is to be a cake decorating gourmet.

    Yet having reached lesson #5 here, it occurs to me … if all this information is available on the internet and other places … why does SWBTS need to have a degree in homemaking? At most, they could hire one resourceful staff person with skills such as yourself to compile an information catalog of sorts for reference of any pastor’s wife who finds herself in a homemaking dilemma. They could make it a webpage and link to the SWBTS site – Homemaking Emergency? Click this link! That sort of thing.

    Yep, I would think that should be sufficient.

  2. Ms. Hawker has obviously missed the holy point of this marvelous new opportunity. Of course any homemaker can find info on the net. Only a select few will possess a seminary degree entitling them to the respect due a professional such as their husband. As long as she is not ordained, the degreed [is that a word?] wife can be employed by hubby’s church as a paid cook or homemaking consultant. She could also go on the Food Network with her own program, “Cooking For Jesus”! The need is great, but the homes are not yet professionally made.

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