SWBTS “Mrs.” Degree, Pt. 4.

Now that we’re making progress in our homemaking tutorials, it is important to address the greatest ministry concern of any first lady: how to set and serve a table properly. A minister’s wife has many hats to wear, none of which is as important as that of hostess. Knowing the proper placement of cutlery and utensils, and the correct position of plates and saucers will enhance your ministry and home. Treating guests of any socio-economic background is important; and a church janitor should be served the same way that one would serve a seminary president. It’s the little things that matter in hosting an elegant dinner, and your guests will never forget how richly blessed their lives have been on account of your fine china and polished silver.

Please observe the following instructional video, mindful that a true and godly Christian homemaker will find substitutes for at least two of the stemware positions on the table. We at Baptist Blogger recommend a nice iced tea or Sparkling grape substitute. Nothing says “I’m a holy hostess” like a tall cool glass of Luzianne. A garnish of fresh mint sprigs or sliced lemon is an added touch of sophistication.

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