We’ve found her…

Since last week, we at Baptist Blogger have been conducting a worldwide, no-holds-barred search for the perfect professorette to take charge of the high and holy responsibility to train young women at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in the proper roles and rituals of homemakers. After several days without any credible leads, we became frustrated. We approached several Stepford wives with an initial offer, but they were convinced that teaching homemaking at seminary would limit their ability to actually homemake at home. Sadly, they declined.

Late last night, however, an email was received from an anonymous source directing our candidate search to one particular lady. We made contact with her early this morning, and we are in the final stages of contractual negotiations. Before this weekend, Baptist Blogger will reveal the results of our world-wide search for a homemaking instructor at SWBTS.

In the meantime, please visit one of our sponsors:

4 thoughts on “We’ve found her…

  1. …another reason to thank God I can’t read your mind … you are seriously twisted … so why am I still laughing? … and when are you going to admit you were hired by SWBTS to teach the class on “Pastoral Fashions of the 21st Century” which is a mandatory course for this degree? :)

  2. Lighten up, guys. This is a perfect example of “let the older women train the younger…that they may please their husbands.” Thus saith the Lord.

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