SWBTS “Mrs.” Degree, Pt. 3.

Every first lady needs to know how to make the perfect scone for her pastor-husband’s afternoon tea. Thanks, Mrs. Natasha Levitan, for this little primer for our Southwestern “Mrs.” applicants.  And ladies, be sure to watch the video to the end so that you know how to eat your scones properly, avec les chapeau.

One thought on “SWBTS “Mrs.” Degree, Pt. 3.

  1. Well, now that you are gaining so much knowledge on homemaking skills such as cooking, there will be no need for the Parkview ladies to provide the food for church fellowships. I’ll let them know you have that covered from here on out. ;)

    … oh, and I am still laughing … 2 1/2 sticks of butter, a bunch of flour, but hey … let’s use Splenda to make it healthy. Ha! Seriously people … at that point, just use real sugar.

    … oh, and I’ll take away your ammo here … people like baby carrots, they just don’t know it yet, but give me enough potluck dinners and I’ll convince them.

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