What Will Wiley Do….next?

Check out ABP’s new article on our 2nd Vice President, Wiley Drake. I can’t say that I would do things just like Wiley has, but I can certainly say that I’m enjoying the sense of humor that Wiley has about his convention role. I’ve received more than a few phonecalls in recent weeks from people asking me to “get Wiley under control.”

But we’ve had too much control for too long in the SBC. No Baptist minister worth his ordination certificate would try to control a man’s voice, or his prayer life, or his church, or his trustees, or his blog. And while Wiley is giving some folks headaches for his “irrepressibility,” I’m loving that somebody is out there reminding everybody that Baptists are a bunch with diverse personalities and a common commitment to making a difference for the Kingdom.

You may not like Wiley…but you gotta love him.

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