Faculty Recruitment…

It’s not going to be easy to find the right lady to instruct and indoctrinate the young girls preparing for motherhood through Southwestern Seminary’s new degree in homemaking. Locating a woman for the faculty who possesses the lofty credentials and elegant temperament necessary to build a credible program will prove as difficult as searching for a can of vienna sausages at Pecan Manor.

She must be family-oriented, righteously zealous for the things of God, demonstrably experienced in meal preparation, meticulous about the proper hemline/neckline/waistline of her garments (so as not to offend certain Joshua Convergers), and sufficiently concerned about the incipient forms of false teaching that now threaten the fundamentalist hegemony of the SBC.

If anybody has the resume of the lady in this video, please forward it to:

Dean Emir Caner
The College at Southwestern
PO Box 22000
Ft. Worth, TX 76122

6 thoughts on “Faculty Recruitment…

  1. Ok, was able to watch the video at lunch time. My my my. I am amazed the rest of her family seemed so sane. I don’t think she would pass the garment test though … can we say “sleeves, please!”. All that yelling about coming back from the dark side, you’d think they had made her go to the Memphis meeting.

  2. She actually ended up accepting the money in the end, regardless of her deep convictions. In light of that she may turn out to be a good fit.
    I will say this though, ‘that chick scary.’
    josh king

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