Dwight McKissic’s blog….and some weekend reading.

Be sure and take note of Pastor Dwight McKissic’s new blog, found here, and the sermon by Fort Worth area pastor Todd Pylant of Benbrook Baptist Church. Rev. Pylant has been serving at Benbrook for several years, having succeeded the interim pastorate of Dr. David Crutchley.

Crutchley, you’ll remember, served as the Dean of Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary under the appointment of President Ken Hemphill. After Hemphill chose to reassign Crutchley, the former dean continued to serve as an esteemed professor of New Testament until Patterson forced his resignation two years ago. Today Crutchley serves as a professor of religion at Carson Newman College in Jefferson City, TN.

The following news stories from Baptist Press might be helpful to you:

SWBTS trustees elect David Crutchley on secret ballot vote.

Another article on Crutchley’s election.

Article about Crutchley soon after his appointment.

Crutchley takes heat for requiring professor signatures to BFM2000.

Hemphill reassigns Crutchley.

SWBTS trustee chairman criticizes Crutchley’s leadership.

Texas Baptists respond to Crutchley’s treatment at seminary.

Hemphill resigns…responds to allegations about trustee pressure.

David Allen elected SWBTS trustee chairman at Hemphill’s departure; Denny Autrey appointed to chair presidential search committee.

Autrey’s committee nominates Patterson for SWBTS post.

Patterson appoints David Allen as new theology dean; Autrey installed as seminary dean for Houston campus.

One thought on “Dwight McKissic’s blog….and some weekend reading.

  1. I read the whole thread of aarticles. I’m going to have to ask CB about all that stuff Monday. Something tells me it’ll be a lot better than most of Robert Ludlum’s stuff.

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