Dwight McKissic, standing firmly.

Go visit Cornerstone Baptist Church’s website to read an open letter from their pastor, Dwight McKissic, to his fellow seminary trustees about the issues of his censored chapel sermon, the openness of the BFM2000 on the issue of tongues, and his continued role as a trustee.

This is shaping up to be an interesting week in Ft. Worth.

2 thoughts on “Dwight McKissic, standing firmly.

  1. There are a couple of statements in that letter that stand out.

    “I was unaware that when one preached in chapel they could only express an interpretation that is consistent with certain Baptist leaders, professors or preachers but not others.”

    “Since when did majority opinion dictate theological interpretation in SBC life beyond the Baptist Faith and Message?”

    In response to the first statement, I can recall, as a student at Southwestern between 1987 and 1989, chapel presentations that often involved varied interpretations of scripture from differing perspectives in the same week.

    In response to the second statement, equating the majority vote that occurs at the SBC annual meeting with the exclusive will and voice of Southern Baptists on just about any issue has become par for the course. It doesn’t seem to bother a whole lot of people and I can’t decide exactly what that means. Either Southern Baptists as a whole are absolutely satisfied allowing a fragment of the churches to do their speaking for them, or they couldn’t care less, especially when considering the cost involved in attending the convention. I think the latter is probably true.

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